Saturday, November 10, 2012

unprepared and unmotivated

So my last race of the season is in just a few hours..Chicago's Perfect 10. It's both a 10-mile and 10k. Earlier in the day i'd realized that it didn't have to be "all or nothing," so when I picked up my race packet I switched from the 10mi to 10k. Could I run 10 miles in the morning? Probably so. But did I want to? No. A resounding NO. And that's ok. I'm tired. I need a break. It's time to reset from a long training season.

But later in the evening, somewhere around the time I realized that to get to the race I'd likely have to park at Navy Pier where race officials said "we were unable to secure discounted parking," I began to feel very unmotivated about going.

Thoughts: It's a stupid 10k. That I'll now have to pay $25 to park for? Oh, you registered, just run the damn thing you slacker! They're giving medals for a 10k...that is hella lame, I don't want a medal for that! You're lame! You can go run 6.2 miles here on the south side with free parking. What's your PR for a 10k, maybe you have a chance on beating that, wouldn't that be a great way to end the season?

And now it's just a few hours before I leave. I've been up at 1am-ish. Just now I realized I needed to wash my running pants, so they're in the wash now. And I just remembered to plug in my Garmin. I guess I'll go. My being unmotivated has led to being unprepared.

I guess I'll go. Shrug. (Could I be any more BLAH?)

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