Thursday, June 28, 2012

I've taken a turn for the....

...BETTER! Woo-hoo! A few weeks ago as marathon training was officially kicking off, I was seriously struggling. My first "long run" at 6 miles with my CARA training group was disastrous, and even with me opting for the 12:00 pace run/WALK group. For realz? UGH.

The following week I had a craptacular night run for the Glo Run 6K, not even 4 miles. To my defense it was humid as hell out, but still. 4 miles?!

And then I took an honest look at my diet. I've been on weight loss mode all year, dropping as much weight as possible for running season, and it's been successful. As I write this now, I've been waivering anywhere between 157.9 (uh, to be exact) to 163ish, depending on a load of factors I'll save for another post. I'm still tracking as if I'm aiming to lose. And yes, I'm eating the extra calories I earn from exercise for what seems like ONCE IN MY LIFE! But I digress....

I was barely eating enough carbs, or quite frankly, or enough calories in general to sustain running regularly. I thought about re-joining Weight Watchers solely for their awesome online tools. I've tested the LoseIt app (hate it), Livestrong both online and the app, and a few others, but none compared to the awesomeness of WW. I mentioned to my WWer-ing co-worked that I was thinking about doing just the online WW version and why, and she suggested I try MyFitnessPal app. (They're online too.) Three words: IT. IS. AWESOME. And I can really get a good feel for my nutritional intake/balance of calories from carbs, protein, fat, etc...

Since then (admittedly just two weeks), I've been eating much more appropriately for running. trying to get between 50-60% carbs, and then protein/fat. I noticed a difference immediately. Like IMMEDIATELY. No more need for run/walk. The week I missed a 7-mile run to run that race? Ran it last weekend. And at an 11:55 pace. I can't scoff at that, because while I've been a 12:00 pace for ages, this was a solid run, no around. My shorter runs have ranged from about 11:30ish to 11:45ish.

So I'm pretty happy with what started out awful, seeming to get back on track. I'm still on the fence about CARA...ya know, I really don't like running late (yes, 6am is late, especially when it's going to be hot out.) And ya know what? I'm not sure I like running in a group and feeling like I should be conversational. I group will ever compare to my first group. There just will be no Lou or Meg, or pace leader Celia. I don't know how to explain it. And I actually LIKE running by myself. So we'll see. I think this week CARA is doing 8 miles, then 10 next week, then a cutback before the RockNRoll Half, which was ill-placed on the calendar. WTF? July, when it's always been in August? Booo... Anyway, I'm aiming to do 9 on my own this week, then 11 next week.

It's hot like the dickens. Reached 100 today in the Chi. We'll see what happens for Saturday!!!

So that's what's new with me! I'll try to be a better blogger!! p.s. I didn't pay for CARA, so it's not like I'm wasting a ton of money. It was "free" with my charity group. Feeling charitable? Please visit my fundraising page and consider making a donation for an awesome group. Even $1 helps. Really! Donate it anonymously if you want! :)


Miss S. said...

I love MFP. It is such a fantastic tool it's hard to believe it is free!

Lou said...
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Lou said...

I mistyped my URL and it's going to some weird site. Can you delete? Here's my comment again:
I've also used MFP and WW, and I think the only thing that I like better about WW is that I'm brainwashed to think in "points." But MFP is very user-friendly.

I miss running with you too! I think I'm officially done running for the duration of this pregnancy. I'm blaming the heat though, not my ever-diminishing fitness level.