Saturday, June 30, 2012

Long Run: 9 Miles

It's been toasty in Chicago this week. We even hit the 100-degree mark for the first time in 7 years. Since running in the heat has always been my kryptonite, I decided to go out early. It must have rained last night, the back steps were wet, and there were random puddles all over the lakefront, though I never heard a THING. Slept like a rock.

I ran with my new Garmin which I've actually had for at least 6 months, but found it confusing, and so I continued to use my old one. To FORCE myself to use the new one, I gave my old one to my bestie. Anyway, here's how it all panned out:

Mile 1- 11:33

Mile 2- 11:51

Mile 3- 13:01 wardrobe malfunction begins here (combined with Garmin USER malfunction)

Mile 4- 12:09 (thirsty, when should I take my Gu)

Mile 5- 12:03 (tried my peanut butter flavored Gu. It taste just like PB. And quite frankly, that was kinda weird. Think I'll go back to my tried and true vanilla bean.

Mile 6- 12:14 (the devil on my shoulder: OMG 3 miles to go?!?! the angel: you'll get her done and you'll be that much more awesome)

Mile 7- 12:06

Mile 8- 12:19

Mile 9- 11:54

Total run, 1:49:10, 12:08 pace. So that wardrobe malfunction. I need new running shorts. I only have 1 pair because I like them a lot and haven't really ever found a pair that suit me besides those. But that was 50+ pounds ago that these truly fit. And then a few weeks ago when washing them, the elastic started to come out of the waistband. But they still seemed wearable. I pinned the waistband the other day and wore them on a 3 mile run, so I figured this would get me by until I decided to torture myself by trying on endless pairs of shorts at Title Nine, Athleta, Lululemon and wherever else to find ones that aren't too short, don't make my butt look big, don't put a spotlight on my fat knees, etc... Because of course, the ones I have aren't made by the manufacturer anymore.

Well, sometime in Mile 2 I noticed them falling down a bit. Later I glanced down and saw the blue and white stripes of my cute undies peaking out! WHAT??!?!?! So at the top of the hill on 47th St, I stopped my Garmin and re-adjusted. Or so I thought. My Garmin was running! Dammit! And 1/4 mile later I'm tugging my shorts up again. DAMMIT! This went on until I took my Gu, when I REALLY stopped the Garmin and re-pinned that sucker up so it was built to last for the rest of my run.

So 9 miles down. Wasn't quite at 12 pace and I would have LOVED to go a bit faster, but all things considered, I'm quite happy. Half Marathon is 3 weeks from tomorrow.

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