Thursday, June 7, 2012

Marathon Training with a Vengeance

Oh MAN. So if you've followed my twitter feed, you'll see I hit my 3 midweek runs. And maybe you recall that I've never been a fan of consecutive runs, and that the first marathon I trained for with Chicago Endurance Sports, our midweek runs were M/W/F. So I'm really not used to running on consecutive days. That being said, I'm WAY determined to do the CARA schedule and knock this sh*t out. So after running sporadically, I'm feeling kinda wiped out! And reveling in the thought of my REST day tomorrow before my first long run on Saturday.

Took a for real, 20 minutes, when I got home this evening and now I'm feeling better.

p.s. I can totally feel the difference in running with my weight loss. Yay, me!

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