Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rule breaker

Rules are made to be broken...well, sometimes anyway. Tomorrow is the Rock n Roll Half Marathon and I'm breaking a big rule: never try anything new on race day.

So my training has been OKAY. I'm run/walking it, and slowly. I never moved ahead with longer run portions for my long run distances. While I do shorter runs at a 4:1 run/walk ratio, I haven't moved beyond 3:2 for my longer runs.

My 9 and 11 mile runs were hot and crampy. And the taste of Gu and also Gatorade are no longer doing it for me since I've tried hard to eliminate added sugars overall. I could barely get down the Gu on my last run, and this is even with just the basic plain flavor!

So tomorrow I am doing the following new things (or intending to):
-take Endurolyte pills (electrolyte) pills before during and after the race
-drink no Gatorade
-take Margarita clif shots in place of Gu

I almost talked myself into setting my run/walk timer to 4/2 but I figured "let's not get too crazy." Plus I can always run more during my walk times if I feel like it.

This will not be a fast race. (And this even with the consideration that fast is a relative term for me.) The victory will be finishing and doing so with a good attitude after not having beat myself up for several hours. Honestly, with all that walking, a 14:00 pace (3:05ish finish) is probably my best scenario. Anything under 3 is great. My 1/2 marathon PR seems like a distant memory, but I'll be back there one day. 2018.

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.

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