Monday, November 2, 2015

New Kicks!

I'd been thinking about new shoes for awhile now. In August I purchased some shoes that I knew wouldn't be sustainable to my longer term efforts, as they were not quality running shoes and I really only got them to be wearing some adidas shoes. (My casual shoe brand of choice. Or at least it really used to be.) Anyway...

Well on Saturday my decision-making factor was heightened to the 10th degree because I was down at Bob's 2 hours south of home, getting ready to run my last October miles needed to reach my goal when I realized: OH NO!!!!!!  I FORGOT MY SHOES. I had what probably looked like a minor seizure before realizing "I guess I gotta get new shoes."

Lucky for me Champaign has a running store that parallels the awesome selection and employee knowledge of those fine folks at Fleet Feet. So off we went.

"9.5 in the asics Kayano, and the same size in the Brooks Adrenaline." Well, to make a long story short, those Kayanos did NOT feel like their usual heaven on earth pillows on my feet. And the Adrenaline were just okay. Just okay? Noooo.  Well hell....

So I said alright. I'll try some others. I even tried on some Nike Lunarglides. And lo and behold, I settled upon these beauties, much to my suprise:

The Saucony Guide 8

And then I went and ran/walked 6.2 miles in them, with 4 miles of it being running. Woo hoo! Guess this old dog CAN learn new tricks. Or I guess this tiger CAN change its stripes. Or whatever. Anyway, I love the new shoes. Thank you, B.

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