Sunday, November 1, 2015

Farewell, October (monthly report)

Goal: 80 miles.
Goal (internal silent goal): 7 mile long walk/run
Goal (implied): introduce more run/walk

Check, check and check.

80 miles: made it with 80.74 miles. I had another late month ultra slowdown . Week 3 found me completely exhausted and I didn't walk/run for 4 days straight at one point. (The blue dots under the days represent workouts.) And then this last week found me with over 400 cookies to bake for a major order and one small one. Sheesh!

7 mile: I want to be used to being on my feet for not just lots of miles each month, but for occasionally longer periods of time. Did it last weekend.

Introduce more running: yep. Being careful though. Of my 80.74 miles, 19.95 miles of it were running.

I also tested out apps this month. Not sure what I'm going to continue with...maybe all for now. I like Nike to be able to see what some of my.other running friends are doing. The jogger app provides lots of detail. And the one I've been using until it started acting funny is ok I guess. Somehow, despite putting in the exact same run info, it calculates and rounds things weirdly, though. I understand a straight up round down or round up to a 10th of a mile, but it's off by weird numbers.

November Goals:
-90 miles. This will FORCE me to not just do lots on the front end, but to avoid major gaps.
-8 mile long walk
-7 mile run/walk

Pictured: long lapses between walks/runs

Nike app

Elite Running app...was acting funky at beginning of October, which is what precipitated my checking out a few for the month. Despite entering everything the same, both distance and pace are different between the apps.

Jogger app definitely provides lots of feedback and details. Keeping this one for sure. May keep Nike bc i can see how my friends are doing too...although this is the antithesis of what running compete against yourself, not anyone else. Right? This shows 80.71 miles too. And an even higher avg pace. Hmmm.

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