Monday, September 28, 2015

Lindy: My life in BQ and AQ terms

My life will be marked in the following manner:  BEFORE I tasted Qdoba queso diablo (BQ), and AFTER I tasted Qdoba queso diablo (AQ).</p>

ok not really....but I had a salad at Qdoba while working/helping kid #2 with homework/waiting for kid #1 in ballet classes...and I didn't realize when ordering that no, that in fact is NOT salad dressing that I asked for on the side to occasionally dip my salad-ous fork in to.  IT'S QUESO.  As in cheese.  Cheese dip, which nowhere in any universe known and unknown to man could possibly ever be anything remotely nutritious or low in calories. It was delicious, the bit that I had before realizing my mistake.  It is the devil in sauce-form. I can never order this again.  It's staring at me.  I need to throw it away. </p>

Dear God. Please have mercy on me and save me.

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