Monday, April 6, 2015

Shoe Stories

Back in my younger days...late 1990s/early 2000s I worked a part time job at Lady Footlocker. Not because I necessarily needed the loot (even though for some reason I thought I did.) But I worked for the discount. 30%--at Lady Footlocker and Footlocker...and Champs too, I think. We also got first shot at popular shoes that would sell out as soon as we got them--Nike products were generally the rage. And while I wasn't a Nike girl at the time, I'd buy them and sell them to people--at a price higher than my discount but lower than the store price. Side eye glance me if you want, but some of my co-workers use to steal shoes and sell them... 5 pairs of air max missing? Smh. C'mon people, that's just rude.

Anyway, I was an adidas and new balance girl back in my LFL days. I had 3-4 adidas response/response trails...all the same "model," just in different colors. New Balance, I had these 704's that were the best ever fit for me. I HATE that they got discontinued. I had a zillion 801 and 802's...didn't even matter the color. Now I won't touch New Balance.

I did that "collecting 1 type of shoe" in college too in my first few years, with leather adidas in green; black; red; navy blue (my faves) and royal blue. A bit of a tomboy, i guess. 

Side note: My mom still has a sweatsuit outfit I bought for her from "the Lady" back in 1999. :( 


I really wish I could have those gray/black/light yellow adidas response trails again. And those gray/red NB 704's. Oh well.

Rambling. I need to go shoe shopping in the next month or so, these asics have had it.

p.s. No Reeboks have ever touched my feet. Pony? Yep. K-Swiss? Yes. British Knights? Hmmmm ya stumped me there.  Fila? Puma? Sure thing! Do you remember LA Gear? No. But unequivocally I have never even tried a pair of reeboks on.


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