Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Runs #27 and #28

Run #27 Sunday morning
11 miles; 2:39:00; run/walk with a ton more walking than I wanted. It also involved stopping and sitting on the curb at around 9 miles, crying. In retrospect, I have to stop beating myself. I knew run/walk sti wouldn't be easy in trying to do this half marathon in 8 weeks after about 4-5 months of solid inactivity. It'll get easier. Pace: 14:27. Eeeww. Hopefully I can reign my half marathon in to under the 3:00 mark. We'll see. (BB: this was supposed to be a goal of a PR run. That will have to come later. I feel like I've let you down. Or myself down.) Anyway this was outdoor run #4. Breathing is still crazy, but getting better. Also, because the girls were home, I didn't feel comfortable straying too far. I did the entire 11 miles in this area bounded by Devon to the north, Broadway to the east, Ridge (diagonal) and Glenwood to the south, and Ravenswood (the street 1 block east of Ridge) to the west. It was mind-numbing.

Run #28 Tuesday morning
2 miles; 25:51; pace 12:55; still run/walking. My legs were so sore this morning, still from my 11 miles on Sunday and a tender hamstring, and then hitting my legs and shoulders yesterday for strength training. I added a set, so now 4 sets of 10 on the leg press, and did each set at a higher weight: 255-270-285-300. My legs were mad at me this morning, but that's ok. With each step I imagined myself getting stronger, and better prepared for the running season ahead. Outdoor run #5.

Miles this month: 30
Miles this year: 105.27

(Maybe I should cut myself some slack on feeling horrible while running.last month I only ran 32 miles. This month I'm at 30 at the halfway point. Of my total miles this year, nearly 30% has been in the last 14 days, including my two wretched longer runs. Ok. Letting that sink in. I'll be ok. I'll just keep at it. Yeah, that's the ticket.)

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