Wednesday, November 26, 2014

run #129

How much: 3.2
How long: 35:59 (pace 12:00) + 4 minutes slow cooldown 
When: 6:15am
November miles: 34.65
Total 2014 miles: 562.65 

After two weeks off of very little except strength training (and none this week yet) I finally "felt" like running. Just a mile, see how you feel after a mile.

1 mile.

Knees ok? Check. Shins/calves fine? Check. 

Alright cool! Keep going.

Here comes 2 miles. Whaddya think? Can you make it to 2.5? Won't know until you go for it.

2.5. Knees still fine. Everything's ok. Breathing's alright. What's 6 more minutes? 

And there it was. My best run in a long time. Nothing was sore. Felt a little out of shape, but pretty alright!

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