Sunday, November 16, 2014

run #128

Technically a run/walk...

How much: 2.25
How long: 31:14 (pace 13:53)
When: 5am, Wed 11/12 at gym
October miles: 37.05
Total 2014 miles: 559.45

I've been slacking off on the on Wednesday (yes, 4 whole days ago) I went to the gym and walked a mile, and then did two running tabatas. What's a tabata? It's basically high intensity training in increments. I think the "base" increments are 20 seconds "go hard", 10 seconds "go easy" for 4 minutes. So I did my first running tabata with those increments for 4:40. (Didn't realize my timer app was set with the extra :40. In that first one, my fast sprints were between 6.0-6.4mph. The 20 seconds on seemed a bit too quick and I knew I could do more, so for the second tabata, I did :30/:10 reps for the same 4:40. The second time I got up to 6.5mph.

Strangely, it felt good. I thought it would suck, but I went from not even wanting to set foot in the gym or be on a treadmill to feeling pretty good about myself.

So that pace isn't bad for having walked a full mile of it.


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