Wednesday, October 1, 2014

run #122

How much: 1.3 miles (really?)
How long: 17:19 (pace 13:19) 
When: 12:15pm/65 degrees
October miles: 1.3
Total 2014 miles: 523.7

So because I slept so poorly I didn't run this morning. I got this "bright" idea mid-morning that since I had to go up north to Evanston (just a few minutes from home) for work in the afternoon, that I'd take lunch at home and go for a run. It would reinvigorate my tired, sluggish day, no kids to disturb me, etc. I would feel so awesome! Cuz I'm a badass chick who eats miles for lunch!

So I head out and instantly my everything hurts. Quads. Right calf. Knees. Keep going, you're ok. You're free, no one to bother.... Ring ring....WTF?!?!?!?!? It's the damn school. Zoe! In the nurse's office  with another fake recess injury because really she just wants to hear my voice. 

I can't win for losing.

What does that even mean?

FIVE minutes later (and at first I'd continued on and was walking and then I just stopped the timer) and I was off again, body hurting from every which way but loose. The phone rings again!!! My phone was silent all morning people. Didn't answer.

Mile 1 done. Oy vey. I'm rolling back around in front of my place, pass it, keep going, everything hurting. And then it dawned on me that this run will do nothing for me. There is nothing to gain from continuing.

And so I stopped. Just like this post.

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