Sunday, September 28, 2014

run #121

How much: 12 miles
How long: 2:37:32 (pace: 13:08)
When: 7am-ish/60 degrees (74 when i finished)
September miles: 70 (this is low for the month before the marathon)
Total 2014 miles: 522.4

Leave it to me to take tapering to the extreme. I didn't run the entire week after Monday. Eh whatever, work was insane. I ran 3 miles in my neighborhood "my kids are at home" loop before heading to the lakefront. The kids will be alright. Plus it's a shorter run compared to like 19 or 20.

I managed to dodge the start line of a 5k in my neighborhood. I'd actually considered the inaugural run for the girls and i until I saw that $45 price tag, and no child prices. Anyway, to my benefit, Sheridan Road was still blocked off. I hit the path right at Mile 5 and stopped at the water fountain for a Gu...chatted with a dude who's training for the 50k/50m ultra at the end of October. I ran down 3.5m and on the return trip saw one of my co-workers who just ran her first half marathon a few weeks ago. Said hi and kept rolling.

Anyway, my head kept fast forwarding to "where will I be on the course at this point" at this same mileage two weeks from now. I'm super anxious, I need to calm down.

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