Sunday, August 3, 2014

run #97

How much: 15
How long: 3:25:19 (13:42 pace)
Where: neighborhood/lakefront
When: 6:30am/70 degrees at start, 81 midway through
August miles: 18
Total 2014 miles: 366.4

Dear. God.

Got a late start bc I couldn't fall back asleep. Things that go bump in the night, I suppose. (Read the previous post.)

From the beginning I decided to do a walk/run approach, walking 1 to 1.5 minutes after every mile. I ran 2 miles in the few blocks near home, and then I said "what the heck" and headed to the lakefront even though the girls were at home. They know to call me, they know how to get in and out in case of an emergency, and they know they can go upstairs to the landlord too. That being said, I had ID, my CTA fare card AND my debit card in case I needed to get back quickly.

Everything was ok for the first 8 miles or so. I turned back around at the Fleet Feet Gatorade table near Diversey. Seriously. God bless those volunteers who get out there every Saturday and Sunday at 2-3 spots on the lakefront path. That is a selfless act to get out at 6am and stay out there til 9 or 10, filling up gatorade and water cups. I refilled one of my two 8 ounce flasks (or whatever they're called) and headed back north. I was still able to do basic math calculations (sometimes I can't when I hit miles much higher than this) and knew this would put me back near home with another 1.5 to 2 miles left. That'll work. I didn't wanna go too much further south--I'd pushed the envelope enough for this week.

So I started to feel really hot. How hot is it out here, I wondered during one of my first extended walking breaks. 81? Aww DANGIT. I went on, doing "the Lindy Shuffle," running a little, walking a little. Just. Keep. Going. What am I doing out here? Why do I do this to myself. Why...and then this chick crossed my path at Lawrence, heading toward the beach. She had a bag with all sorts of phrases on it, one larger than the others that read "ABANDON YOUR DOUBTS!" Guess the universe sent me that message.

I kept rolling, out of Gatorade now. If I could make it home, I'd stashed some in my car right along my route for a quick grab, just in case. Stopped at water fountains and I swear I felt like I was drinking too much, but I was also sweating a ton.

I got back, chugged the remaining half of the bottle of Gatorade and said "1.6 miles to go." And I did it. Slowly. When I finished I felt sick for a bit. Stretched, talked to BB, showered.

During this time I noticed my vision was blurry. I kept drinking water, tea and Gatorade and that finally went away. We went to get food a little later--burgers--and I started feeling better finally. That was a good thing bc halfway during the drive I just felt like pulling over and going to sleep. Later I googled and found that probably the blurry vision was due to dehydration and/or heat exhaustion. Of course it could be a host of other really horrible things, but I doubt those and refuse to let my occasional inner-hypochondriac entertain those ideas.

Here's what I'll do differently:

1. Eat before I run. Really, I've reached longer miles that require a little something before I get going. A half a bagel, a slice of toast. Something. My first nutrition shouldn't be 5 miles in with a Gu.

2. Get another flask. 2 is not enough.

3. Drink drink drink.

4. Get better sleep and nutrition, especially the day before. I had mostly carbs yesterday, but if I'm being honest, it probably wasn't nearly enough. Of course my sleep wasn't great. About 2 hours and then about another 3 to 3.5. And I've been sleeping poorly most of this past week.

5. Eat/drink within 30 minutes after my run. I know this, I just wasn't prepared with my usual chocolate milk or protein drink on hand.


Oh yeah...Dead rodents spotted while running count: 9! (2 more, and not in the usual area.)

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