Thursday, August 7, 2014

RUN #100!!!

How much: 3
How long: 34:50 (11:37 pace)
Where: neighborhood
When: 8:45pm/71 degrees
August miles: 27
Total 2014 miles: 375.4

I could have either had a decent excuse for not running (it's too dark and hard to see) or I figured I could just run, and have run #100 in the books.

The latter!

At 8:45 I was on my way, the girls firmly rooted on the couch with a tv show.

Still tired, still sore. I realized 1 mile in it would just be a run for the books and nothing too speedy. I was huffing and puffing, and damn near wheezing, and when mile 1 hit, the chick on my app with the English accent said "lap time 11:15." With my effort I thought I was sub 10:30.

By the time I quit, the pretty dark had turned into real dark. A cop went by me in my last 1/2 mile and I thought he might tell me to get on the sidewalks. He didn't. I'd imagined a whole scenario of getting arrested and everything. (I can be slightly imaginative at times.)

Stretched, and I'm now icing my knees. Next up? 16 miles!

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