Sunday, July 6, 2014

run #83

How much: 3
How long: 41:10 (pace 13:43)
Where: neighborhood
When: 3:30pm/88 degrees, heat index 92
July miles: 14
Total 2014 miles: 297.00

Snail's pace of a "run." Or run/walk, that is. This weekend was a cutback week in terms of distance, but I cut that sucker all the way back to 3. I was hot, dizzy, burped my Gatorade and nearly threw up. (Sorry for the gross details.) For a moment the thought creeped in "how on earth will I run 11 miles next weekend?" and then I rattled off the how's:

-start when the sun is coming up (as low a temp as possible)
-won't be after a huge brunch
-won't have had a few drinks the night before
-well hydrated
-one foot in front of the other

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