Saturday, May 17, 2014

run #61

How much: 2
How long: 22:15 (pace 11:08)
Where: neighborhood
When: 6:30am/41 degrees
May miles: 32.41
Total 2014 miles: 210.63

Suuuuuuper tired and cranky. Fell asleep early and after about 4 hours of sleep I was up (barring a few random snoozes) until about 4:30. I argued with myself for about 20 minutes about the reality of running later today since ballet recital is all day, and probably heading to celebrate the girls' cousin's college graduation after that (though I now have zero desire to do that. ZILCH.)

Got the run done. Tomorrow I'm not sure what distance I will run. Monday ushers in my first RACE WEEK of the season, where you will be privy to weather obsessing, those "what's that twinge in my knee?" moments, and what on earth am I going to wear, and the final call on which shoes to wear. I really have no business trying to resurrect my ancient Asics for a medium distance run like this.

Race packet pickup is a DREAM....everyday at Fleet Feet starting Monday.

Every. Day.

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