Sunday, May 4, 2014

run #55

How much: 7
How long: 1:23:15 (pace 11:54)
Where: en mi barrio
When: 6:30ish (am)
May miles: 13.41
Total 2014 miles: 191.63

Ran close to home since girls are home but managed to run on the street (asphalt) versus sidewalks (concrete) for most of my run. (Only doable on an early Sunday morning in my opinion.)

Felt pretty good. Stopped for water 3 times at my car where I strategically stashed it--at 2.4mi/3.6mi/6mi. Did a bit of walking about 2/3 in bit nothing for more than a short block at a time. I reminded myself before and during my run of what two greats have advised: BB said about my upcoming 7 miler "you've done it before, you'll do it again." And to prevent the thought of bailing out early because I couldn't keep up with the pace I wanted, Hal Higdon advises in his marathon training tips that "it's most important to cover the distance." Cover the distance.

If I cheat on distance now, it'll show up later.

Garmin reported as follows:
Mile 1 11:37
Mile 2 11:42
Mile 3 11:45
Mile 4 11:52
Mile 5 12:11
Mile 6 12:25
Mile 7 11:41

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