Wednesday, May 21, 2014

people watching

I had a meeting downtown today and took the train there. I like to people watch on public transit, and immediately I took note of the couple across from me. He had his hat and a long-sleeved shirt on the seat in front of him. Telltale sign of someone who doesn't ride transit often enough to know that's deemed inconsiderate of other passengers. She carried a jacket. They were older, maybe late 60's or 70's. The back of his hat (front not visible) had a "1914" stitched on it. Cubs fan. 100th anniversary of Wrigley. Oh, they must be headed to that Cubs-Yankee day game. Yankee games sell out on both sides of town. (Insert your own editorial comment here.) She laughed at something he said, murmured, and then they both laughed and she leaned on him a little. She's had a happy life, she has laugh lines around her eyes and wrinkles framing her smile. That's his girl. He is content. They're in sync. He's talking about the upcoming holiday weekend. He's glad they're not spending it working in the yard for once. He says they work so hard and by the time Monday comes, they're always too exhausted for family get-togethers. I wondered what their yard looked like, and would people miss it this season since they weren't going to do what they'd done in past years. They didn't seem one bit regretful. She mentioned they could go to some event on Monday for the holiday...or not. They laughed again. I hope they had a nice time at the game. I saw on the news it was in extra innings, I wonder if they stayed. I hope the train ride home was not too crowded and that someone gave them both a seat. Living in the city is cool like that...there are people you see at a crossroads that you will likely never ever see again. I got off the train before them, having only been on the train for 5 stations. What a happy couple. Thanks for being an example of two people enjoying life together. So long, fellow Chicagoans. Be well.

(Or maybe I'm just super nosy.)

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