Saturday, May 3, 2014


...are often a difficult day for me, eating-wise. I celebrate life's little and big moments with food. Did I say little? Yeah like " hey it's Friday and I made it through the week! Party over heeeeeeere!" It's as if a "f--- it" switch gets flipped on. I don't feel like cooking and the girls are happy if we go out to eat. I nibble the night away.

So excuse me if I get excited. It's only one day, but for me to eat broccoli and hummus and some almonds is huge. For me to WANT to even eat like that is even bigger.

And long term success is stringing together a bunch of little successes, right?

Yay, me!

And the battle rages on...I will continue to ask/remind myself: how do I want to fuel my next run? And how in the world will I get new results with old habits?

Consistent, repetitive good decisions on the little things will eventually add up to big results.

So...yay me, for a wildly different Friday night.

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