Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday 13: this is when it gets hard

You lose ten pounds and then it starts losing it's fun-ness. You start to think, "oh to hell with it." You go try on clothes and you realize 10 pounds is nothing and there's so much more to go and it seems futile. And everything is a test.

Confessions of a food addict and all of the things that crossed my mind on the way home:

13. Pizza. You could eat the whole thing and no one will know.

12. A Big Mac. It's ok, just don't get the fries.

11. Oh go ahead and get the fries. It's just one time.

10. Or a big ol plate of pasta with some butter and salt. If you make spinach to go with it, then it's healthy.

9. Those cheese and potato pierogis the sales lady tried to get me to take. "These are definitely the best ones," she said, when I sampled a mushroom/sauerkraut one. (Did I ask you your opinion?)

8. I reached for a giant bag of Chicago Mix style popcorn. (What's that, you ask? Well people try to imitate Garrett's Popcorn, their original Chicago Mix is caramel and cheesecorn, which is fan-frikkin-tastic.)

7. Candy bar. (No! Stop it.)

6. I'll drop her off and go to that Burger Philosophy and give them another try.

5. Why isn't there a Chipotle in Edgewater?!

4. How many servings is in that bag of marshmallows?

3. Don't you DARE take that spoon and open that jar of peanut butter...don't open that floodgate.

2. Dangit I should have bought that rotisserie chicken salad at Mariano's. I could've bought some crackers to go with it (and mindlessly ate while watching tv until "OMG did I actually eat this whole thing?" Well it wasn't THAT much mayo in it anyway, right?") yeah right.

1. But instead I had a blueberry smoothie.

Sigh. Hope it gets easier. I'm sure it will...tonight was just harder than usual.

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