Monday, April 14, 2014


It always freaks me out when I hear about running deaths. Yesterday there were three that I casually came across when catching up on running news. 2 at the inaugural Raleigh NC Rock and Roll, and 1 at the London marathon.



When you here these stories you're reminded how important it is to be in optimal health. Train properly. Eat right. (And even then there are no guarantees, I suppose.)

Sometimes it just happens. I've seen this happen on the lakefront path AND in a race, and there is nothing more sobering than that. And really, as a runner, the only thing you can do to help is stay out of the way. Translation: keep running. Awful silence--only the sound of the rescue team. And maybe catch a blurb somewhere online later. If it's a race, you'll eventually know.

I have no thoughtful wrap-up or deep closing thoughts. Just thinking out loud. Just a little sad and perplexed.

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Jennifer said...

I also heard about one at the Diva half in Galvenston,TX. So sad. :(

Lindy said...

I read somewhere that often times they have nothing to do with training and are often attributed to some unknown heart condition. Still scary.