Tuesday, April 15, 2014

run/walk #46

How much: 4 (ran 2)
How long: 55:59 (ran 2 @ 23:38)
Where: LA Fitness/N. Broadway
When: 8pm
April miles: 30
Total 2014 miles: 157.72

This spring break schedule has me all messed up! Finally made it to the gym around 7-something. Zero cardio machines were available and it was a full house upstairs on the weights. Did a double workout of legs/shoulders and back/biceps.

Went back downstairs and every treadmill was still full. Then i stalked my victim like a lion on the plains. He looks weak. I've got him now. Watch the eyes. I can take him. I see you, you pesky hyena over there. Back off, he's mine! I zoomed in for the kill just as he stepped off. "Oh, are you done sir?" (He was an old man.) he nodded. Ha HAAAA!!!!! Victory is miiiiiiiiiiiiine!!!!!!!

Then I ran 2 miles. As I started walking the girls called (hold on, let me check, as I surely wouldn't want to exaggerate....FIVE times...and texted (hold on) NINE times. Lucky for them I was listening to Tchaikovsky and maintained my composure.

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