Wednesday, April 23, 2014

run #50

How much: 2.5
How long: 27:42 (pace: 11:05)
Where: neighborhood
When: 6:15am; 33 degrees
April miles: 43.5
Total 2014 miles: 171.22

After work I was so tired yesterday that I didn't make it to the gym. Fel asleep earlier than usual--same time as the girls, woke up and talked to BB for a bit, woke up a bit around 2, and must have hit the snooze on the alarm I set for the gym. At 6 it was then too late for the gym, but not too late for a neighborhood run. But 33 in my neighborhood?! Ugh!

Whatever, threw a hoodie on and did it anyway.

Will hit the gym for strength training. It's easier to get out the door when it's just one thing to do (weights OR cardio.)

Have a great day, and may warmer temps be yours.

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