Sunday, March 23, 2014

Walk #33

How much: 5.67
How long: 1:27:33
Where: LA Fitness/Broadway
When: 9am
March miles: 46.67
Total 2014 miles: 108.92

The plan was to briskly walk another 4 miles today. After I got done with my 3rd and final strength training session of the week (chest + tri), I hopped on. I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts but as usual, a 2nd dialogue was taking place too.

I was a bit annoyed bc the scale hasn't moved all week, so I was feeling mad. Why bother? It's not gonna make a difference. Just quit. You've done enough this week.

So when I hit the 4 miles and noticed there was another 30 minutes to go on the podcast (giver or take a few) I answered those voices in my head with a "keep going."

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