Sunday, March 9, 2014

Walk #24

How much: 4.0
How long: 1:01:51
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Broadway (the new one!)
When: 10ish
March miles: 12
Total 2014 miles: 74.25

Met my goal--no wait--EXCEEDED my goal of 10 miles for the weekend and made it 12!



Even though "it's just" walking, my legs were a tad bit sore today. At my new gym just a short by away from the house, there are TVs on every cardio machine. (You'd already know that had I done my post about the new gym with all the photos I took.)

But anyhoo, what pushed me past the 2 miles I needed to do to meet my goal was an old favorite of mine:

Roseanne!! I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that show, would watch it any time of day. ❤️

(Oh, and I did a chest + tri workout, so I met that goal too. Made up for a wretched week of inaction brought on by various factors.)

On to a new week. Tomorrow. Because the first day of the week is Monday. (See earlier posts if you're like "huh?")

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