Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Six: Broccoli

6. Awhile ago in learning the multiple preventative health benefits of broccoli, BB and I went on this "eat broccoli 3 times (or was it 4?) a week" thing.

5. Neither of us are huge broccoli fans, it eventually faded, mine surely after running out and neglecting to pick it up on a shopping trip or two. I tend to be a creature of habit at the grocery store. Miss it once or twice and it's of my radar screen. Even stuff I really like. It's weird. But I digress...

4. I'm back on it. The ONLY way I can eat it is raw. Cooked or steamed is so gross to me. Now that I think about it, there are very few veggies that I like cooked. Cooked carrots are an abomination!!! Bleck!!! I like corn cooked (duh), but aren't we like not even considering corn in our vegetable intake? (Of course. potatoes...corn...all the things I could easily eat in mass quantities are pretty much the worst veggies ever. Ha!)

3. I bought these mini packs of hummus--yes, I realize I could easily repackage my own hummus and save money/unnecessary packaging...but it's so eaaaaasy this way.

2. Twice this week at work for lunch I had 2 cups of broccoli and one of those little cups of hummus. (3 ounces...150 calories seems like a lot, but when it's combined with less than 50 calories of food, who cares?)

1. But oh my!!! I burp for the rest of the day! It could be worse, no doubt (as in, gas from somewhere else) but sheesh!

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