Saturday, March 22, 2014

Run/Walk #32

How much: 4.0
How long: 52:39 (ran2.5/walk1/ran.5)
Where: LA Fitness/Broadway
When: midday, noon-ish
March miles: 41
Total 2014 miles: 103.25

So I guess a day off from the gym was just what the doctor ordered. After a back+bi workout, I hopped on the treadmill and decided to run first. I figured I'd do a mile, then walk one, and maybe if I felt ok, go for more. But my legs felt great! At 1 mile I shrugged and kept going. At 2 I said "I got more in me." At 2.5 I walked, and then after a mile of walking, I ran the last 1/2 mile. I resisted the urge to go a little faster. Nope. Just a simple 5mph/12 min per mile pace is fine for now. I've not really done much running, so this was A-ok.

I love redeeming runs like this. I came home and iced both my knees just to be safe. Stretched a little bit, and will stretch more tonight, and we'll see what tomorrow holds.

I started to think that maybe i should do the Shamrock Shuffle next week (8k.) But nah.

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