Thursday, February 20, 2014

Run #18 SORE

How much: 3 (ran 2)
How long: 41:11 (ran 24:03)
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Evanston
When: 6pmish (yesterday)
February miles: 15.06
Total 2014 miles: 56

Not a fun run, my muscles, in particular my quads felt like two sore, inflamed masses, somehow staying connected to my skeletal frame. Every step felt like a chore.

I walked a half mile, then ran 2, then walked another half mile. During my two miles, I shut out the negative thoughts when I walked a tenth of a mile.

I'm very sore tonight and need to stretch and ice still. I came home and did very little this evening. My quads feel swollen even though they're probably not. It was a long day at work that involved 6 meetings and a trip downtown.

Sometimes my highlight on Wednesday nights is to be alone. To not have to cook. To watch tv. To not have to help with homework. To have every light off, even the bathroom light (which I suppose still wards away monsters or something). I slept until BB called.

Anyway...every run won't be easy, I already know this. I also know that sticking with it means that the general trajectory is such that they do get easier. So, a blip on the radar a screen, that "oh this run wasn't great," is just that. A temporary blip in an upward trajectory of self (and running) improvement.

Keep at it, girl.


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Tracy said...

I hear ya! Some workouts are hellashious! Keep at it lil sis :-)