Thursday, February 13, 2014

Run #16

How much: 2.46 (ran 2)
How long: 31:51 (ran 23:32)
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Evanston
When: 5:30ish am
February miles: 7.56
Total 2014 miles: 48.5

What a morning at the gym. So after running on Monday, I hadn't been back to the gym. As you may recall, I have 3 strength training sessions per week: shoulders + legs; back + biceps; and chest + triceps. Since it's already THURSDAY I decided to double up with shoulders + legs and back + biceps. When I got done, I was beat! Felt like I was running on empty, so to speak.

I slowly got going on the treadmill and argued with myself.

Excuses me: You're so tired, just go home. The girls have choir practice tonight, you can go when they're there.

Honest me: You lazy bum! Stop b.s.'ing and putting off your run. So what, you hafta feel good to go for a run? You know how stupid that sounds? You're here. Getting to the gym is half the battle. Run now.

Excuses me: Just run tonight. You can run tonight, and once over the weekend, you're good.

Honest me: You were pressed for time last week when you went during choir practice and skipped your cardio. What if you don't have enough time, you know how you hate running against the clock!

It won't kill you. I promise you if you run, you'll feel better for having done it. Stop defeating yourself, and setting yourself up. You GOT this!


And so I stopped the treadmill from my warmup, restarted to a 5.1 mph pace. And did it. Yes, I still felt tired. But it was just two miles. Anybody can run 2 miles, even if they ran 20 miles the day before. So I knew my so-called tired body would be alright.

And it was.

And wouldn't you know it, my car got stuck in the snow when leaving for the girls' choir practice this evening?! From 5:15 to 5:48--wheels spinning. We were so late, there would have been no way to make it over to the gym, get a run in, and pick them back up in time.

(Sheesh, this is a mighty long post for two miles. But even after all this time, I've spoiled myself into running when I feel like it. Not today. I won't kid myself, I'll have to keep working at this. But for today, I win.)

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