Monday, February 10, 2014

Run #15

How much: 3.0 (ran 2.5)
How long: 37:42 (ran 29:11)
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Hyde Park on 47th
When: 4:30ish
February miles: 5.1
Total 2014 miles: 46.04

I ran last Tuesday. Really? Oh whatever. Had a great run, walked a 1/2 mile then ran 2.5, and my legs felt strong. Only a slight twinge in my right knee.

But what was really cool was that I went when lil bit was at her hip hop dance class. Big sis went in with her so I was freEeeeeeeeee! Free to be ME! Ahh, these small moments of independence. I love that I can trust them to wait for me after class if I'm not there immediately when it ends. I couldn't have done this two years ago...or maybe even last year.

Moral of the story: those of you who feel like all you do is haul your kids around and never have a free moment to do what YOU wanna do? It gets better.

Now I did come back to pick them up and they were standing outside in 5 degree weather...but that's warm these days. I added a few instructions that I will reiterate for next week.

(Sigh...I've found more and more reasons why maybe them having a cell phone isn't such a bad idea. But that seems like a lot of extra money per a cell phone to them is a smartphone. Ha! I told then I was 29 before I got my first cell phone. The look on their faces was priceless. Well? It's TRUE!)


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