Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Run #3

Programming note: I was looking at my old blog and noted that I used to write a blurb about each run. How I felt, the temperature (when applicable), and other details that made it fun to look back. In an effort to move this blog back to its original focus of running, I'll try it for the time being. I already had Runs #1 and 2 of 2014 last week, so here we go with #3.

How much: 5 miles run/walk
How long: 1:10:29
Where: LA Fitness treadmill
When: About 4:30pm

Felt decent. Walked .25 then ran a mile. Then walked .5, ran another mile. Repeated that, then cooled it down with .75 to make it an even 5. Walking pace was 3.5mph/running at 5mph. For now my goal will be to string these miles together slowly but surely, first with more running/fewer breaks, to eventually running all 5 miles.

Total January miles: 13

You go girl!

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