Friday, January 24, 2014

Run #11

How much: 2.5
How long: 32:00
Where: LA Fitness treadmill/Evanston
When: midday
January miles: 34.51

Got to hit the gym midday bc the girls were off from school today. Did back + biceps, then did some "bonus" work on my legs and triceps...yay, me!

And then for the second day in a row, I ran 2 miles. (Whaaaat?) Yes, I think I'm finally turning the corner on 2 miles being difficult for me. It always comes eventually...and while I'm glad I understand this trend of mine, why must I always let it reoccur?

So anyway, I didn't have much time before the *Kids Klub* closed, so I walked a half mile, then ran, and that was that. My legs felt strong.

We'll see what the final week of January brings...

*why do Americans have this fascination with misspelling kid-related things? Is that supposed to be cute? Or maybe it's not an American thing and they do it in other places. Kids Club woulda been just fine. IJS?*

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