Friday, January 3, 2014

Can I admit something here?

(What? 2 posts in a matter of minutes?)

So in Chicago we're supposed to be having this brutally cold weather coming up.

Ever since I was a kid I've worried way too much, because it only takes a few minutes and you're frostbitten. I am very fearful of the following things you hear about on the news happening to me and those I care about:

-My car breaking down and being caught in the cold.

-someone getting over-zealous with a space heater and my building burns down. (Got burned by a space heater once.) I don't mess with 'em and seeing them being used scares me big time.

-the heat going out in my building

-my sweet baby girls being stubborn and not understanding the cold. (When I was a kid and walked to school, we GOT it. We listened to the weatherman when he said "don't let your skin be exposed for more than 30 seconds." We didn't forget gloves and refuse to wear hats.) It only takes a few minutes for little fingers to get hurt.

So please excuse me if you know me and I seem a little nervous. I'll try to keep quiet about it.

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