Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday 13: The results show

(Until now) I've never really stuck to a strength training plan. Part of the problem was being unsure if I was doing the right things, and then for one reason or another (ie lack of visible, obvious progress; letting life get in the way) I'd stop.

Until now.

Last week I finished my goal to do 24 weeks of strength training! I had a solid base plan provided to me by BB, one that I started last fall but faltered after about 10-12 weeks.

And here's how it went/next steps in this week's Thursday 13.

**author does not mean to imply by "this week'a Thursday 13" that she does this post weekly. 😜


13. I am definitely stronger, here's a sampling:

Bicep curl:
Week 1: 50
Week 24: 70

Tricep extension:
Week 1: 65
Week 24: 85

Tricep press/push down:
Week 1: 95
Week 24: 120

Shoulder press:
Week 1: 20 (barely)
Week 24: 30 (highest was 40, but scaled back.)

Lat pulldown:
Week 1: 75
Week 24: 105

Lower back extension:
Week 1: 150
Week 24: 185

Squat machine/leg press:
Week 1: 105 (whaaaat?!)
Week 24: 195

Calf press/raises:
Week 1: 75
Week 24: 105

12. If I had to pick one, I am most proud fairly strong triceps. On Monday I worked out with BB (a rare treat - we live in separate towns) and at the end of our triceps workout I showed off with "burnouts" or reps until exhaustion at a lighter weight. I did 50. My arms finally feel better today.

11. While I won't be prancing around nude for anyone, my chest muscles definitely have provided some "lift," if you ladies over 40 and/or who have breastfed catch my drift. If you're in double-whammy territory, give those chest machine exercises a whirl. It's nothing drastic (yet), but the goal was to identify improvements. Done! My faves are pec flys.

10. Contrary to my previous beliefs/practices, you do NOT have to do a whole body workout 3 times a week to see results. In fact, that's an easy recipe for burning out and giving up (for me anyway.) BB said to trust the process and I did. One workout of each of the following per week for a total of 3 strength training sessions: back + biceps; chest + triceps; and legs + shoulders.

9. My shoulders still aren't all that strong and I am moving forward with different goals for that area of my body. But I still see definition that wasn't there before.

8. Yes, there were a few weeks that I missed a workout. When it made sense, I doubled up the next week, but most importantly I didn't dwell on it and kept pressing forward. Why beat yourself up about it, as long as over the long term you don't make that a habit?

7. Busy schedule ahead? I learned to plan accordingly for my busy weeks ahead of time. Identify in advance all of the opportunities you DO have to fit in this workouts. Don't let too many pass by "unattended."

6. My legs are pretty damn strong. I intend to continue building strength (not simply toning) my leg muscles.

5. Constant reassurance is my thing, friends! Write it down. If I hadn't written down every workout, I wouldn't have been able to tell you the specifics in #13. I'm a "check the box" to-do list kinda person, so it also provides me with a visual reminder of my accomplishments.

4. My least favorite exercise is the assisted pull-ups machine. I hate that contraption, but it has aided tremendously in my strong back muscles. My favorite exercise?Squat machine (leg press.)

3. Don't be afraid of the free weights. I have a few bicep and tricep exercises in that manly brute section of the gym. To hell with them giving you the stare down. You pay to be there just like them.

2. I see muscle definition coming in on my biceps, triceps, and shoulders in particular, and can feel the strength in my back.

1. So onward I go, a believer in continuing my current process with a few tweaks here and there.

Award show speech:
I'd like to take this time to thank BB my beloved "coach" for his training plan, and his support and encouragement, and my two beautiful daughters for putting up with the Kids Klub on school nights when it's be easier to just go home. Peace and love, peace and love.

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Lou said...

Very impressive Lindy! I've been strength training more as well, and I'm starting to think--the more I read--that this is the "holy grail" of fitness I've been searching for all along. If you're not already reading her, check out Go Kaleo.