Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday 13, Halloween Edition

13. Who put the ban on Smarties this year? There are ZERO candies for mom. Not cool.

12. Bottle caps: while the basis for ALL candy flavoring is unnatural, "cola" flavored candy is by far the most unnatural. My girls now know this undeniable truth. (shudder)

11. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups FUN size = Halloween Candystash JACKPOT. Nothing bigger. Nothing more filling. Nothing better.

10. Annie and a Spy.

9. Butterfingers. Fresh or stale? (shrug) who knows, I sure can't tell. Maybe the stale ones disintegrate?

8. Fruit flavored tootsie rolls are AN ABOMINATION!!!

7. This house always has awesome pumpkins. They didn't disappoint this year.

6. The houses in this 2-block stretch go all out.

5. Hello, Bit-O-Honey? 1955 called, they want their candy back.

4. As a kid my favorite candy bar was Milky Way. Then one day I just stopped and never ate another one, as if I hit my lifetime quota. They make my stomach turn. That's kinda weird to me.

I've had almost every candy bar that's out there at one time or another. (Not bragging bc of course, this might lead to an ah-ha moment as to my eating habits, etc.) I have a raging sweet tooth. My current standing favorite candy bar since the first time I tried it is the Take 5 bar. Pure genius, a standout in a world of pseudo new flavors.

3. Pseudo new flavors? The dark chocolate Reese's. The white chocolate one. The inside out one. The chunky PB one. Mint M&Ms, pretzel, coconut, dark chocolate, and the god awful candy corn M&Ms (and I'm one of those who likes candy corn.) just stop, candy companies. Stop already!

2. Some of the houses make political statements. This particular house in precious years has ROASTED local school politics, election shenanigans, etc. this year? The government shutdown aka "the fiscal cliff."

1. Another Halloween has come and gone. A few more years and they'll be done, or they won't want me out there with them. They're already discussing next year. Jada wants to be the Statue of Liberty. Zoe wants to be a Zombie Annie. We'll see in about 11.5 months, I suppose.

( close in age, all born between 8/2003 and 11/2005)

(Candy cheesin)

(We even met Abe Lincoln.)

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