Monday, October 28, 2013

faith in the human race - blog post that was in my draft box from 10/15/13

*I guess I was pretty frustrated that day. I'm better now.*

you'd think that after having watched tens of thousands run a marathon two days ago that it would have restored some semblance of faith in the human race notion. but no. little things keep picking away at me. Like the lazy teenagers and their half-assedness ways at our Aid Station. Like the jerk who called me a "fat bitch" last week because my car bumper was 2 feet into the intersection when cars suddenly came to a standstill and he couldn't turn right. Like the person who hit BB's car and didn't even leave a note. Like the older woman who should know better cut in front of a woman at the cashier's line. But walking back into the office, that little pile of dog poop sitting in the grass in that area between the sidewalk and where you park your car? That was the final straw. I didn't step in it, but for a moment I was so angry I was seeing red. Why can't people just be more considerate? Why do you have to KNOW someone to be courteous, why can't you just treat people the way YOU'D want to be treated. And yet there's nothing to say. Why overreact? But gets frustrating sometimes.

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