Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm in Week 4 of a commitment I made to myself. Strength training is vitally important, not just for the physique I want (face it, it ain't gonna come "natural" at this age) but for my health. But this is not a blog post to list the litany of bibliography for these already proven facts.

I've never stayed committed to a strength training plan. Last fall I was 10 weeks into a plan put together by BB (HUGE for me), and then I took a prescribed rest week, I got crazy busy with work, I moved and had a new schedule, the holidays kept me busy, blah blah blah. Before that, I probably have never stuck to more than a few weeks or so before the perceived lack of results and feeling that I was "wasting my time" or "didn't know what I was doing."

Embarrassed, to an extent, that here I was sitting with the knowledge (thanks to BB), but still using the same old excuses and STILL not reaching my goals...I am being honest with myself. I haven't ever really tried. If I want to have those arms or shoulders or legs that I want, I'm gonna have to work for it. Or just admit that I'm not willing to commit to the lifestyle changes needed to achieve what I really want.

And who wants to be the one--when stripping away all the excuses--to say "I've given up on myself"? That's some coward-ass, not valuing yourself kind of mess when you think about it...I mean, if those are really your goals, anyway.

So...goal: 24 weeks with 3 strength training session. My sessions consist of back + biceps; chest + triceps; and legs + shoulders. Beyond the basics, I add my own "bonus" stuff, borrowing from legs/shoulders/triceps workouts for added workouts.

But back to the opportunity thing. Last week at work was particularly stressful. My job is hella laid back, but on occasion, things go off the rails a bit. That and because of birthday plans and other weekend plans, I knew in advance it'd be tough to meet my week's strength training/cardio goals.

So at the beginning of the week I listed out all of the "opportunities" I would have to work out and fit in 3 strength training sessions, 2-3 runs and additional cardio (swimming or whatever.) i listed Monday am, Monday pm, etc...and off the bat, excluded the days/times that simply wouldn't work. And then like a puzzle, I began to fit the pieces together. And I did it! This was huge for me, as these weeks in the past have knocked me off my feet. And then I get mad at myself, and then I eat too much to "make myself feel better," vicious circle, rinse and repeat.

The icing on the cake was my "Monday after." I had a long, great weekend (thanks BB!!!!!)

Monday seemed long at work. The girls were cranky and arguing on the way home from camp. Z fell asleep. "Oh just forget it, I can go to the gym tomorrow (even though we have plans). You're tired, cut yourself some slack. These are perfectly good reasons to skip tonight."

But I resisted! We went anyway. The girls were FINE. (They always are, the have a blast at "Kids Klub.") And my weights workout and "bonus" were awesome! Felt strong. Was inspired by those around me (BB, remind me to tell you about 2 exercises I saw that I want to try.) and even though I was tired, I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 2-mile run before my time was up. We got there at 7 and Kids Klub closes at 8.

I won't be caught off guard by busy weeks, or the beckoning lethargy of the "week after." I won't! And identifying my workout opportunities at the beginning of this week and last week has proven to be valuable for me. Maybe it's not rocket science, but if you're time- challenged due to work, parenting, schedules that change by the week, or any other schedule challenge, consider ID'ing first all of the "opportunities" you have each week. You might have more time than you think...7 days is a lot of time.

My answer is: I can't be too busy to reach my goals. I will make myself a priority. (And my hidden tip is to really make an effort to take that first opportunity. It's a huge confidence lift!)

I can't wait to see the results of my commitment at 24 weeks. In the end, hard work pays off, while shortcuts result in falling short of your true goals.

(I know I've posted this pic before, but it's so apropos.)

Must. Stay. On. Track.

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Lou said...

Lindy, I needed to read this. I have so given up on myself. But, it's time to start really figuring out how I can fit exercise into my schedule.

Lindy said...

It's definitely not easy, and everyone's "hard" is THEIR hard. You have a baby, well...toddler I suppose now...you have extra time eaten up by the Metra. But I believe you can do it, because you're pretty damn awesome, Lou! Um... LUNCH??? when????????