Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little friendly competition

So while doing a little strength training at the gym, I was waiting for this dude to get off the "seated dip" machine for a little tricep action. He was taking his time, checking his phone, etc... So finally he got off and I sat down, reached down to change the weight because of course a young 20-something 6 foot dude is gonna be hitting the weights harder than me, right?

Wrong! He was right where I wanted to be--105. It's really hard for me, but doable. BB kinda taught me that I am way stronger than I think I am. Part of my workout includes strengthening that mindset!

So I imagined tall dude looking over...hahaha wait til she hits those weights, she should take it down a few pegs. And the in embarrassment he'd realize that this chick just sat down and did what he was doing.

And so none of this happened. And I'm well aware that this is not a competition with anyone.

But that being said, it was a nice mental boost for me. I just did what that big lanky dude did on this machine!


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