Friday, June 14, 2013

surprise! you feel like shit!

i woke up in the middle of the night with my ribs (right side) KILLING ME. if my daughter had been laying next to me, which she frequently is, I would have chalked it up to her having kicked me. i couldn't get comfortable, hardly. when i finally got up--had to do some laundry before the girls got up--every step down the stairs hurt. it hurts to breathe deeply. i need to walk slowly...i was on the fence about going to work, but after next week i'm on vacation for 2 weeks, so i figured i should go. now as i'm sitting here, i'm feeling nauseous. ugh, what's going on? of course i googled my symptoms, and when i saw that the liver and gall bladder are over that way, i stopped reading. no need to get all paranoid. i'll go to the doctor if i feel any worse or it doesn't get better. maybe i was sleeping funny. i need to get better, i have big biking plans and a few runs to get in this weekend.
So after spending Friday feeling extremely uncomfortable, I went to a reflexology appointment thinking it would take my mind off my aching ribs/back. Wrong! While it felt good, apparently at this place they make you lie down. I don't know why I thought I'd be in a chair and it would only be my feet...apparently the groupon was for 30 minutes of reflexology and 30 minutes massage. I said "don't touch my back." But lieing flat on my back was torture. (Foot part was great though.)

I came straight home and spent the rest of the evening and throughout the night unable to find any position that didn't hurt. I felt short of breath, it hurt to breathe deeply. I called my grandma, my personal nurse (retired nurse, actually) and she asked me a series of questions and made me promise to call my doctor in the morning. When I did, it made me a little nervous bc they asked so many questions that were related to heart conditions. :( Yesterday was more of the same, but I had plans with the girls and since I could still move, I went about those plans.

Today after dropping them off for their Fathers Day festivities with their dad, I headed to the clinic, although I was feeling better. After poking and prodding, two X-rays, a shot, two prescriptions, and a whole 3 hours later, it was determined that they were pretty sure it was muscular, but that the X-ray tech would take a second look and call if there was anything to be concerned about. I saw my X-rays pop up onto the screen as they did them...that was kinda cool.

That shot worked WONDERS. This is the first time since Friday that I've been able to lie down (or even sit up), or breathe normal with zero pain. They gave me ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer. Though he said to take them all until they're through, I think I might hold off on the latter. We'll see.

The directions indicate you can resume normal maybe I'll be up to going for a run or a ride tomorrow.

Whew...who knew a muscle could hurt so bad? I didn't! But I'm glad it wasn't something worse.

Now, back to the previously scheduled program.


Tracy said...

Hopefully you are better today. Listen to your body and take it slow.

Lindy said...

Thank you! I'm feeling TONS better now...not 100%, but pretty close. :)