Tuesday, June 18, 2013


...being a mom is a thankless job. Waking up people that don't wanna get up. That can barely take care of themselves but get mad at you when you pull their hair too tight/get them clothes they don't like/didn't wash their favorite jeans/say it's gym day so no sandals/suggest a jacket because even though it was 85 degrees it's 59 and rainy right now. Showing tough love because she hasn't seen her brand new book since the week you bought it bc she loaned it to someone who won't give it back "No, I WON'T buy another, you'll have to learn to stop giving stuff away/find a way to get it back" and now you're the mean one. Giving them a ride to the bus stop 2 blocks away because it buys them 5 extra minutes in the morning. And then mustering up a cheerful "have a good day, make good choices, be a leader!" While you're off to a scramble and go get a money order for the "snack" and "lunch bill" for $107.70 since April. Cash, certified check or money order only please...or no report card.

Yes...they're still in school.
Why? because of the strike at the beginning of the year. Maybe we're all just tired. Maybe next week everything will be better. But sometimes being a mom is a thankless job.







Pictures make me feel better. There, there now.

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Lou said...

But your girls are so adorable!

I told Joey that Father's Day should be another Mother's Day. :)

Lindy said...

Thanks Lou...