Thursday, May 16, 2013

IT IS SO FREAKIN NICE OUTSIDE!!! And other ramblings...

Chicago is a lovely city when it's nice outside (and you pretend there aren't big city issues like parking tickets, parking that costs a fortune, shootings/muggings, inflated prices for everything, etc...) I am so excited that the weather is finally breaking. I think I will go for a bike ride like REAL soon and let these light-skinned legs of mine get some SUNNNNNNN.

It will be a nice break from running/cross-training effort, as my heel is still hurting, probably from my April ramp up of 50+ miles more than the 4 miles I ran in March. :-/ Or whatever. I'm gonna take it easy until the Soldier Field 10 Mile. I ran 9 miles yesterday evening--run/walk, actually. I don't know why that still sometimes feels demoralizing--one of my favorite bloggers wrote about being slower than everyone else just the other day, and she kinda captures the feelings I have sometimes. My total pace was a 13:13. I started off with a 4:2 ratio. With every step hurting, at about 2 miles in a voice told me "you know, you really don't have to run 9 miles, just turn around and go home. You ran a half marathon, you can run 10 miles in a few weeks." But I kept on anyway. I'd gone down to a 3:2 ratio at this point. Whatever, just keep moving, one foot in front of the other.

I don't typically run in the evenings, but this particular night ushered in some coveted free time. There was lots to see. Every ballfield was occupied with a range of age groups playing softball or baseball. Soccer games. Biking. Swimming. Dogs swimming. Tennis. What? A racket rental place? It looked fun. Mental note to maybe check that out some day for something different.

After my turnaround, I took a slightly longer walking break of 5 minutes, then I sucked it up and headed north for home. Suddenly I felt better. I was at 3 minutes and went back up to 4 minutes running, 2 minutes walking. Maintained that for the rest of the way home as the streetlights started to come on.

By the way, I haven't used my Garmin much lately. The last few runs I've used an app called SportsTracker. Maybe I'll write more about it on another post, but so far I like it.

I topped off my day with a POWERBALL winning ticket of $4! Not enough to quit my job, hire several personal trainers and chefs, open up a business or two, travel, etc...but hey, they say "it's the little things..."

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