Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I had a rough go of the Soldier Field 10-Mile on Saturday...race report and self analysis are forthcoming. But on Sunday, a glimmer of hope parted the skies overhead as I hit the hills of the north end of Lakeshore Drive (or Lake Shore Drive, if you must.) The Annual Bike the Drive event took place on Sunday, and BB and I rode from my place to the northern end of the Drive at Hollywood, rode all the way to 57th Street (the southern end of the event's route), and back. The hills at the beginning of our ride made me pause for how it would be at the end of our ride...but something kicked in. I dug deep and pushed through those hills with something I haven't felt in awhile. My legs are strong! I can push through without saying "I can't." According to my sportstracker app, my fastest miles were at the end, and on the hilliest part of the course.


I am stronger than I think I am.

What else am I capable of? Plenty more.

...I wish I had pictures to share, but in their absence, you should know that I was enjoying every single minute of the ride, wayyyy too busy enjoying life in the moment to stop and take pictures!

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