Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday 13

13. Dude. I am allergic to all things technical. I just want wireless internet to be set up. I want my HD to work automatically. I don't want to figure a damn thing out. Just work, already! (Got my wireless up and running tonight. After about an hour of lamenting why it would only work with that crazy ethernet cable. I had visions of being connected to a cable for the rest of my life. Noooooooooo!

12. So when setting up my new configurations, somehow my cable box cut the middle of taping The Office. WAHHHHHH!

11. Strength training. So I meant to blog about this a long time ago, but one of the things I started to do different after the marathon (among the not so different things like barely running, and eating like I'm still running 15 mile long runs every weekend), was strength training. Like REAL strength training, following a program and everything. A friend of mine who knows exactly what he's doing has written out a to-do list every two weeks. I've gone from barely being able to do shoulder presses or bench/chest press, to about 60 pounds on each. That is HUGE for me. I took a 1 week break (per directions) and then got sick, then moved, then realized my workout schedule is severely hampered, so I'm getting squared away with exactly what days I can go to the gym, but that's ok. I'm excited. And I know it will make me a better runner.

10. Maybe even more exciting than me actually sticking to a strength training plan is how good I feel. In years past, I've given up because of lack of progress and/or not knowing what I was really doing. But there have been numerous days when I erased doubt and did things I didn't think I could do. That's empowering.

9. Let's see, so what else is new? I haven't registered for any more races. After doing so many unsatisfying races last year, I'm taking my time. I'm registered for the Illinois Marathon at my alma mater (end of April.) I will be doing the Soldier Field 10 Mile, but haven't registered yet. And I'm sure I'll register for other races, just not sure what.

8. Now you already know the Chicago Marathon holds a place near and dear to my heart. I checked the other day and noticed registration opens on February 19th. To the tune of $175. Is somebody smoking crack? That's a shitload of money...that's what I expect outta NYC, which is even higher... Anyway, that's definitely enough to give me pause. But you all know that even if I don't run it this year, I always come back home to the best marathon on the planet.

7. Speaking of maybe you already knew about them phasing out the guaranteed entry program...just to fuck with the lives of the minions. (Am I cursing a lot in this post? It sorta seems like it. Maybe this falls under the rule "if you have to ask, then answer is probably yes.") I was in the last of the guaranteed entry program that if you sign up for three years straight and don't get in via the lottery, that 4th year you're automatically in. So 2013 would have been my third year, and upon not getting in, I would have automatic entry in 2014. And 2014 was to be the last year for this friendly little in-road. Well...I"m wondering is that all out the window now that Hurricane Sandy wreaked her havoc and the marathon was cancelled, and all registrants from 2012 automatically get in for 2013's race? They're itching to end guaranteed entry, so now my one-time guarantee is a mystery to me. Life could be worse, my house or life wasn't destroyed by a hurricane.

6. And no, you don't pay the ridiculous $200+ fee when you register. The lottery system basically charges you a one time processing fee of like $11, and only charge your card if you get in. In the past two years I've watched the FB and other message boards as people got word of getting in BY THEIR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD STATEMENTS BEING CHARGED THAT MORNING prior to the annoying noon reveal of who gets in.

5. I'm very sleepy right about now.

4. My new apartment is just 15 minutes--IN TRAFFIC--from the girls' school. Now that I have my internet up and running, one of these days I just may come back home and work from home. WINNING!

3. I've lived on the west side of Chicago, the south side, and now the north side. I like them all, and as an urban planner by training, I can always find things about a neighborhood that I like. But at the end of the day, whenever my tires hit the pavement on the Eisenhower Expressway (I-290), I realize that my growing up in the western burbs has always made the west side my original introduction and orientation to the city. It's home. But I don't plan on living on the west side anytime soon if ever again.

2. It's amazing how the damn school system will direct your every move when your kids are young. I know one thing...well first of all, I'm not opposed to moving if it's the right move and makes sense...but when the younger one is off to college? Wow, there will be a serious sense of freedom there. I've often 'dreamed' of moving to Denver or Seattle. Or wherever. NOt permanently, but for a few years at a time. I love cities. I love our diverse country and all there is to see. I want to go overseas again. There's so much to see in this world of ours.

! 1. This might be the boring-est Thursday 13 I've written. Sorry. But at least I'm blogging again. Twice in one day? Oh snap, don't hurt nobody

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