Monday, January 14, 2013


So today was my 7th day of juicing...I plan to report more on that specifically tomorrow (I suppose.) But it's gone well, I feel really good. I stuck to my one meal a day except for the weekend. On Saturday I had a late lunch/early dinner at my beloved Native Foods, a vegan restaurant that seems to be making its way from the west coast on eastward. While the food is definitely plant-based, I can't say that it's all healthy. And then at night I gave in to broccoli and my new favorite Trader Joe's find, chipotle red pepper hummus. Let's take in the gravity of this moment: I "cheated," so to speak, with BROCCOLI. Holy effin hell!!! Times are a-changin!

On Sunday when I had my meal late morning, I knew I'd probably eat a second meal. At least that second meal was all veggies, a tasty butternut squash chili recipe. Anyhoo, tomorrow I will weigh myself and see what happened at the scale. Whatever the case is, I feel great. Reporting more soon.

So with my new schedule with the girls (they go to their dad's on the weekend), that's pretty much the only time I have to go to the gym. So I'm trying to get into a new gym routine. Sunday late afternoon I went to the closest gym to my new place and was dismayed that the weight section was hella lame (confirmed by two people at work today that this particular location is bad.) So after walking around the tightly smashed in weight section and realizing several of "my" machines aren't there, I tried to cobble together a back + biceps workout. Then I stepped on the treadmill. Within .10 mile, my knee was hurting. Just under .20 I realized It was still hurting, a sharp pain in my right knee. And at .25 I got off, went and gathered my things, and simply left. Not sure what that was all about, but stay tuned on my gym woes. wth knee, wth?

Anyway, just thought I'd check in.

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