Thursday, September 13, 2012

thursday thirteen bucket list, post 2

A few weeks ago I started a "bucket list" of cool stuff I wanna do as part of my Thursday Thirteen. Here is where part one of that list lives. Today is the next 13...part two.

14. Do an ironman. Or a half ironman, at least. (You didn't think that the crazy would stop with a marathon, did you?

15. Ride a mechanical bull.

16. Get paid to write. Something. Or many somethings.

17. Take a sailing or boating weekend trip on Lake Michigan and go fishing, fall asleep while laying out in the sun, grill hot dogs on a little grill on the deck, and do whatever else people do while doing that kinda thing while being surrounded by miles and miles of water with no land in sight.

18. Take off every Monday for an entire summer and spend it at the lakefront, at baseball games, museums and movies. Why Monday's and not Fridays? LESS CROWDS! KID-FREE! (unless by choice, of course.)

19. Develop a halloween costume worthy of an art director's Oscar recognition.

20. Teach a class.

21. Take history classes here...they offer some really good stuff sometimes.

22. Be able to do 20 pullups/chin ups.

23. Stand in the pouring down rain and kiss someone I love without any other care in the world.

24. Go deep sea fishing.

25. Take a train to New Orleans.

26. Start a history/culture book club to cover various periods in time: e.g. the Harlem Renaissance; the Antebellum South; etc.... How fun, right? No? Well don't worry, only history geeks would be invited!

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