Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Thirteen, the bucket list, post #1

Some of my friends have these "bucket" lists of 100 things they wanna do before they check out of this world. I don't have one, so in this edition of my Thursday Thirteen i will kick off that list with 13 of that 100. I'll aim to have my completed bucket list by the new year.

Bucket list:

1. Go skydiving. I bought a groupon once, and out of fear, let it expire.

2. Go ziplining. Preferably on some island.

3. Hike in the Rocky Mountains.

4. Run the NYC marathon

5. Do one of those events to "climb the (insert some tall ass building here) stairs.

6. Milk a cow. Just once. I think that would be kinda cool. In a weird, pass me the hand sanitizer way.

7. Take an entire summer (or at least 6 weeks) and travel across Europe.

8. Visit Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

9. Visit every MLB stadium.

10. Have a days-old puppy and keep him til he's old and gray. I love puppies and dogs in general. All kinds, but Rotties or huskies in particular.

11. Visit the Denali national park.

12. Eat lobster in Maine.

13. Have like 5 drinks and then go to karaoke.

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