Thursday, May 24, 2012

decisions, decisions

So I made a decision today...after talking with the folks over at CARA (actually called their office) and after talking to them, decided that I will at least start off marathon training with a run/walk training group. The run/walk groups do a 5/1 ratio and the paces are only at 11:30 and 12:00. I can do THAT. Because the person I chatted with wasn't sure what their running pace was, I dug around online and found this nifty pace calculator that assumed a 15:00 walk pace...seems reasonable to me. The 11:30/mi pace means a running pace of 10:59, while the 12:00/mi, an 11:32. I'm gonna at first roll with the 12:00's and see how it goes. In fact, I'm going to switch over my running right now to this method. Will I stay at this method for the whole season? Don't know. But at least I feel ok about it for the time being.

Second thing, I found out what was wrong with my biking efforts that I was complaining about via twitter. It's so basic I'm almost embarrassed to admit it. My back tire was so underinflated. And my front tire wasn't that great either. I fixed this according to the specs on the side of the tire (who knew?! well I damn sure didn't!) and then rode around the block a few times, driving our next door neighbor pit bulls insane, and it was fine. Going for one last longer ride in the morning...last meaning last ride before "Bike the Drive," the awesomest event.

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Lou said...

I have always wanted to do Bike the Drive. Next year maybe! Have fun at the event this weekend.