Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The steel drum that is my head

So in addition to being tired, having achy knees and all the other stuff, I now have a cold. It was bothering so much that I left work early yesterday. I suffer from the weird phenomena, usually, that when I'm sick I WANT TO WORK. I should be sick more often, it's good for my career. but not yesterday, I was typing and couldn't type without a million typos, fading fast...I would have left before noon, had I not had to pick up "le Kindergartener" at 3pm.

So while I planned to take a short rest from running, I didn't even run this morning. Instead, I slept 9 hours and woke up with bags under my eyes and STILL tired. Maybe tomorrow. Also on tap for tomorrow, a 30-minute sports massage at Athletico during "lunch break". Uh, at 1:45.

That is all, carry on, friends, carry on.

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Roisin said...

You're right to rest up now, and hopefully avert and disasters! Get better soon! If I see ya running with CARA on Saturday, I'll wave!

I won't be able to buy shoes on Saturday because pretty much every dime in my paycheck is going to my car repair bill :( It's depressing. But I'll be able to use my CC again on Saturday, so I should be able to buy a new pair then!